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The human Resource unit has been in inception since the year 2010. Human Resource is a key Department/ unit in every organization. The functions of the unit are listed below and it is worthy to note that this function applies to all staff within the State and Local Government Councils across the 18 LGA’s irrespective of the Ministries, Department, and Agencies. Agency while ensuring compliance to office policies and directives. In addition to these, the unit manages all office’s infrastructure and equipment by ensuring security and maintenance of same.


  1. Configuration/implementation (salary structure, job, organization and location).
  2. Activation of new employees.
  3. Automation of employee HR records such as:
  • The effective date of employment
  • Promotion/demotion
  • Incremental step
  • Confirmation
  • Disciplinary action/ query
  • Retirement of the employee
  • Migration from civil servant to pensioner payroll
  • Remuneration and other benefits due employee
  • Change of name
  • Transfer /Secondment
  • Blood group/type
  • Educational qualification
  • State of origin/LGA
  • Update of MDA

4. Pension and gratuity computations.

5. Position creation for approval hierarchy (Commissioners, MD, PS, ED, Directors etc.).

6. Training of MDA’s involved in recruiting on behalf of the state government.

7. Creation of payroll and grouping Of employees under each payroll.

8. Creation of element entries (earnings).

9. Creation of MDA’s and Pay point.

Issues and Solutions

Monthly Update should have a time limit between the Last week of the previous month and the first week of the current month to enable the change of the updates take effect before payroll is run for the next month.