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Admin and Asset Management

This unit provides essential support and leadership for managing human and material resources, ensuring the Agency achieves its goals and objectives effectively

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Unit

This unit integrates financial and human resource systems across MDAs and Local Government Councils. Deployment of enterprise solutions ensures streamlined, efficient management.

Biometrics Verification

This unit handles biometric enrollment, verification, and revalidation for all Edo State Government staff and pensioners. By automating these processes, the Agency enhances efficiency and accuracy.

Connectivity and Hardware Maintenance

This unit manages the deployment and maintenance of essential technology tools (laptops, scanners, printers), as well as the provision of connectivity solutions.

Customer Relations / PTMO

This unit drives project execution for the Agency and MDAs. They are responsible for planning, managing, and implementing ICT projects across government agencies.

Finance and Accounts

This office provides expert financial advice to Agency management and executes financial transactions on the Agency’s behalf

Data Centre

The ICTA Data Centre offers centralized IT operations and equipment. It facilitates the storage, processing, and distribution of data, applications, and workloads across multi-cloud environments.

Training and Exams Services

This unit implements training initiatives to ensure staff acquire the skills needed for exceptional service delivery. Additional responsibilities include overseeing exams and evaluations.

Citizen Services and Content Management Department

This unit develops and manages MDA websites to enhance their online presence. They create solutions for MDAs to provide seamless, citizen-focused services.