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Projects Executed

With the aspiration of being able to provide technological solutions to attain our envisioned goals, we have achieved the following:

One of the ways Edo State is realizing its digital transformation is through the setup of the E-Gov platform. E-gov platform provides for fast and improved citizen service by restructuring and reengineering MDA services, through the increased usage and exploitation of the capabilities and services of ICT. To show her serious mindedness on the implementation of E-Gov, the State has developed electronic systems, which supports e-protocol, health care service, e-applications/e-petitions, and internal organizational function of the public organization. This platform enables citizens and businesses to have access to information and services offered by government. For us, this promotes transparency, accountability, and encourages citizen participation in government to realize the mandate of e-governance in the State.

Edo State ICTA’s Data Centre has achieved the following within the space of one year. These are: Odoo application upgrade of the Local Government Management System (LGMS) from Version 9 to 13, with the purchase and installation of 4 HP Gen 10 Priiant server; Provisioning of Server to house State records/data from MDAs for the Document Management System (DMS) project; Upgrade of the Firewall 1 and switches from Cyberoam to Sophos XG230 for network security; Data Centre team configured a staging environment and provided inbound VPN access to Greenfield and other vendors working with the State; Currently implementing an upgrade of the DC to a Tier 3 DC to commercialize our services.

The Agency has developed a system through which MDAs can engage in shared services by implementing the Data Harmonization Project where government resources (data) are consorted and kept in a data bank for easy retrieval and use by MDAs to facilitate their respective business processes.

As part of the lessons from the global pandemic (COVID 19), Edo State Government has introduced automated workstation for her staff. In conjunction with the Office of the Head of Service, ICTA has enabled the automated workstation for civil and public servants to promote seamless and prompt tasks execution. ICTA trained all Perm Secs on the use of Zoom, setting up support accounts on Whatapp for Perm Secs and on Zoom to assist with technical issues arising from the Weekly EXCO and daily Covid calls.

Edo State boasts of having a robust enterprise network which happens to be second to none in structural design in South South Nigeria. Edo Broadband Network platform has opened up the technology potentials of Edo residents and provided investment opportunities for tech savvy and local businesses which would transform the economy of the State to a digitalized ecosystem for prosperity. With our expansive network architecture, network service providers have begun their network provision to citizens. This has increased business presence, enabled the startup of network dependent businesses and ultimately resulted in the creation of jobs. Also, we have achieved the network extension to the Samuel Ogbemudia Staduim where internet connectivity now enables livestreaming of events and sporting activities.



Further, following the poor connectivity in the EXCO chamber and new Governor’s office, ICTA team took corrective action to analyze and resolve the challenges. Direct fibre cables were deployed with strong signal strength. Auxiliary wireless access was also implemented as a backup to the mail wired connection.

We have effectively managed the successful deployment of the metropolitan Fiber cable project across all Government locations; the successful deployment of the MainOne Fibre cable to the Tech Park; and the LAN connectivity across the tech park. By this, the Agency has been able to provide, extend and increase the bandwidth network strength to government offices and project execution sites namely: Production Centre, Block C and D (for civil servants), John Odigie Oyegun Training Centre, and Edo Technology Park (where youths will be trained in digital skills for self-sufficiency and to improve the State’s digital economy). On this other projects include:


  • Provision, maintenance and expansion of internet threshold connectivity for Government.
  • Installation of LAN and Wireless at data centre and MDA’s.
  • Repair of IT equipment across MDA’s.
  • Installation of wireless connectivity for Edo State House of Assembly.
  • Implementing Fibre optic links, LAN & WAN connection in new buildings and across the State.


e.g. Edo Innovation Hub


ICTA has also successfully deployed and executed projects in Edo University, Iyamoh as a measure of upgrading the ICT infrastructure in the school to achieve a technology assisted form of learning. The woks executed in the institution include:

  • Installation of WAN in the
  • Deployment of website in the university.
  • Supply of identity card machine, photocopiers, and file cabinets.
  • Installation of permanent LAN.
  • Installation IT materials at the classroom and laboratories to ease learning.
  • Installation of Server memory upgrade, internet link management and data backup rotations tape drive at the school’s data centre.

Following the reengineered process of the public sector, we have adopted the private sector drive to our business operations ensuring a 48 hour maximum response time to technology issues from MDAs. The Agency has instituted the ICTA Support which renders prompt IT services to MDAs and resolves issues within 24 hours of notification from the MDA. To ease this process, MDAs can raise ticket on any tech related challenge which is then assigned to the designated ICT staff to resolve immediately. Instances of any unforeseen delays are escalated for executive action. This process enables increased productivity and seamless workflow.

The Agency working with tech professionals have deployed tech solution to the State Executive Council Chambers to enable meeting presentations, deliberations, and virtual meetings with the State Executive Council Members. This has supported the efficient work of Mr. Governor and has resulted in signing off meetings held even during the peak of COVID.

Ensuring the complete digitization of MDAs, ICTA has engaged the services of Central Securities and Clearing System Plc, a leading tech solution company in Nigeria to achieve the digitization of records and files in all Ministries, Agencies and Departments in the State. The Agency has been closely monitoring the CSCS deployment projects across the various MDAs and has achieved 70% coverage of the digital archiving of government records in the Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

The Agency working with tech professionals have deployed tech solution to the State Executive Council Chambers to enable meeting presentations, deliberations, and virtual meetings with the State Executive Council Members. This has supported the efficient work of Mr. Governor and has resulted in signing off meetings held even during the peak of COVID.

Edo State Government, through the strategic collaboration with the National Identity Management Commission, has begun co-implementation of the National Identity Management registration for civil servants across the State. This has helped in the process of identity registration, development of a comprehensive database for citizens and certainly contributed to the security architecture structure of the state.


  • Developed and deployed application to be used by various organs of Govt.
  • Provision of IP based CCTV cameras, UPS Galaxy 5000/200 Amh batteries, backup tapes for adequate security storage at facilities to achieve 0.001% downtime at Edo State Data Centre.
  • Deployment of IP telephony and unique mobile telephones.
  • Supply and replacement of backup inverter batteries to all MDAs connectivity points to eliminate network interruption.
  • Supply of batteries to all MDA’s