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Staff, Pension, SUBEB, Biometrics & Archive

Staff, Pension/Subeb Biometrics are subunits in the Verification Department of ICTA that is responsible for the enrolment of new staff, pensioners (State/Lga), update of staff/pensioners’ data, and keeping an accurate record of their data.

Objectives of Staff, Pension/SUBEB Biometrics

  • To ensure accuracy and timeliness in certification of retiree benefit.
  • Prompt and efficient service delivery to our client (staff/pensioner).
  • To place staff/pensioner on e- payment.
  • Aimed at determining and verifying those active on the payroll.
  • Help to reduce poverty and improve social justice of staff/pensioners.
  • To facilitate the payment of survivor’s benefits. In other to alleviate the financial hardship of pensioners. Aimed at reducing the agonies of pensioners.
  • Aimed at helping the government to have internal control of pension administration.
  • Help the government fight corruption more effectively.

What we do as Staff, Pension/SUBEB Biometrics Unit?

We undertake the following activities.


it involves the enrolling of a new staff/pensioner into the Edo
State staff/pensioner database. Enrollment of staff/pensioners involves three steps that must be followed in orderly. They are:

Data entry:

This is where the information of the staff/pensioner is enrolled into the tables provided in the database. The type of tables is as follow:

Staff details:

• Employment records
• Next of kin
• Sighted staff/pensioner personal document

Update of Staffs/Pensioners Records:

It is the duty of Staff, Pension/Subeb Biometrics Verification to carry out update of staff/pensioners records whenever the need arises. The following are some of the updates that could be carried out by Pension Verification:

Bank name update
Bank account update
Update of corrected error discovered on staff/pensioner biometric printout, etc

Staff, Pension/SUBEB Biometrics Sub Unit

  • Is responsible for the enrolment of new staff/pensioners into staff/Pensioners Database
  • Carries out the duty of updating pensioners’ record.
  • Periodically conducts “Am Alive” /Revalidation exercise for pensioners.
  • Keeps up-to-date record of staff/pensioners on Edo state payroll
  • Helps the government in identifying ghost staff/pensioners on Edo state payroll.
  • Keeps record of the total number of staff/pensioners on Edo state payroll by fishing-out ghost pensioners from the database, it helps to raise revenue profile of the state government.