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The Edo State Information Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) began in January 2009 as the Directorate of Information Communication Technology. Since then, we've driven the successful integration of technology across state agencies. Our advancements in e-governance, innovation, and staff training have transformed Edo State government operations. In 2012, a law established ICTA as an official Agency, recognizing our proven impact.

Being an enabler of technology for effective public service delivery, the office recorded great successes for the State through the deployment of technology in MDAs, introduction of cutting-edge innovations for Government, capacity enhancement for public servants, and introduction of e-governance. We grew into becoming an Agency through the passage of a bill and subsequent signing into law for the establishment of Edo State Information Communication Technology Agency by the Edo State House of Assembly in 2012.

Today, we are committed to reforming processes and systems within government agencies. Our goal is to implement e-governance principles that promote accountability, transparency, and citizen participation. We envision streamlined, efficient public services that shatter the boundaries of traditional bureaucracy.

Our Vision

"To create a secure and forward-looking technology environment for the Edo State Government."

Our Mission

"To leverage technology in the pursuit of efficiency, adaptability, and excellence in all government services – benefiting both government operations and Edo State citizens. "

Our Core Values

SERVICE AGILITY - We respond quickly and effectively to the changing needs of government and the citizens we serve.

EXCELLENCE - We strive for the highest standards in every aspect of our work.

EFFICIENCY - We maximize the impact of our resources, both time and technology.

Policy Thrust

Over the Plan period, the Information and Communication Technology Agency will focus on:

  • Automating public service processes: Our goal is to streamline services for improved efficiency and better delivery.
  • Enhancing tax administration: We will automate revenue collection and payment systems for effective management of state revenue.
  • ICT capacity building: Training public servants in ICT skills is essential for enhanced efficiency and effective service delivery.


As custodian for technology on related services in the State, our mandates are vast, yet focusing on achieving a digital government for government services which support growing and evolving citizen expectations in governance. The following are ICTA’s mandates:

  • Leverage technology to break down barriers, eliminate silos and increase communication between the MDAs and the citizens they serve.
  • Automate Government workflow processes to achieve efficiency in service delivery.
  • Invest in technology-related projects to optimize government processes for better service delivery to the citizens of Edo.
  • Increase trust and transform citizen experience by improving the usability and reliability of our government’s services infrastructure using digital technologies.
  • Continuously improve technology service delivery across quarters of government.
  • Protect critical mission data infrastructure assets including the EDSG enterprise network.
  • Build innovative capabilities across the various MDAs and the civil service at large.
  • Create measurable improvements in service and citizen satisfaction by using the principles and practices proven by leading private-sector organizations.


  1. To define the State technology blueprints for the MDAs including application and infrastructure technology architectures.
  2. To develop and implement key architectural principles, standards, policies, and enterprise ICT governance processes.
  3. To clearly define the roadmap and drive execution of the various transformational technology initiatives to enable government become a truly digital entity.


  • Design and deploy a scalable Business Continuity Plan across EDSG.
  • Automate government business processes to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.
  • Ensure innovative technology solutions are employed to drive business processes that will support the new EDSG platform economy.
  • Digitize manual processes to enhance government services.
  • Deploy data analytics and machine learning tools to generate insights to enhance government operations.
  • Work closely with internal staff to institutionalize the technology skills and practices necessary for the agency to provide better technology experience.
  • Harmonize and centralize various data assets sitting across the various MDAs.
  • Ensure security for EDSG data generated, transmitted, and stored on the State’s datacenter repository.
  • Optimal use of technology to offer optimal service delivery to our customers.

Reengineered Process

ICTA has executed novel projects which has ensured that operations and core government business functions are not severely impacted by unplanned incidents. We have restructured our operations using technology to include Business Continuity planning and execution as a proactive step to mitigate unplanned incidences in our organizational process. By this we would achieve the restoration of normal business processes and activities in a set amount of time, with define amount of data loss acceptable to the business, and then communicate critical information to organizational stakeholders during and following incidents. Our distinctiveness lies in the inclusion of technology and our unique operational model.  

Our Organogram


Edo State ICTA

Who We Are

The Edo State ICTA is the government agency leading technological transformation in the state. We understand information technology (IT) is essential for progress, and we’re committed to advancing Governor Godwin Obaseki’s transformative agenda.

Our mission is to deliver efficient, citizen-focused services across government agencies. We simplify processes and expand digital governance, positioning technology as a powerful tool for positive change.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals with both public and private sector expertise. We offer specialized knowledge in management, consulting, architecture, technical implementation, and cross-cultural communication. This diverse mix of skills ensures we have the resources and capabilities to drive the breakthrough changes needed to deliver exceptional services in line with the Governor’s strategic vision.